"A Walk with C.S. Lewis" -2012
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'Aslan is Coming' Dawn Waters Baker Sold giclee available
"Aslan is Coming" Dawn Waters Baker Sold giclee available
'The Mind of C.S. Lewis-A Wardrobe of Imagination' Jim Hutchinson  $2800.00
"The Mind of C.S. Lewis-A Wardrobe of Imagination" Jim Hutchinson $2800.00
'Narnia'- Dawn Waters Baker  $1000.00
"Narnia"- Dawn Waters Baker $1000.00
'Corridor of Contemplation' Barbara Mason $1250.00
"Corridor of Contemplation" Barbara Mason $1250.00
'Cupid and Psyche' Dee Jones  $300.00
"Cupid and Psyche" Dee Jones $300.00
'Out of the Wardrobe' Kendra Walden  $475.00
"Out of the Wardrobe" Kendra Walden $475.00
'Bent but not Broken' Lee Bowman  $400.00
"Bent but not Broken" Lee Bowman $400.00
'The Floating Islands of Perelandra' Tom Banker SOLD- giclees available $600.00
"The Floating Islands of Perelandra" Tom Banker SOLD- giclees available $600.00
'Ode to the Great Divorce' - Peg Rosenlund  NFS
"Ode to the Great Divorce" - Peg Rosenlund NFS
'Edmunds Dungeon in White Witch Castle' Lee Bowman $300.00
"Edmunds Dungeon in White Witch Castle" Lee Bowman $300.00
'Tea with Mr. Lewis' Tempy Berg-Gilbert $150.00
"Tea with Mr. Lewis" Tempy Berg-Gilbert $150.00
'Tea with Mr. Lewis II' Tempy Berg- Gilbert $150.00
"Tea with Mr. Lewis II" Tempy Berg- Gilbert $150.00
'The Un-peeling of Eustace Scrubb' Tempy Berg-Gilbert SOLD
"The Un-peeling of Eustace Scrubb" Tempy Berg-Gilbert SOLD
'Farther Up and Further In' Dawn Waters Baker  $1800.00
"Farther Up and Further In" Dawn Waters Baker $1800.00
'Finding My Door'  Barbara Mason  $750.00
"Finding My Door" Barbara Mason $750.00
'The Greatest Love' Peg Rosenlund $2000.00
"The Greatest Love" Peg Rosenlund $2000.00
'The Open Door' Peg Rosenlund  $2000.00
"The Open Door" Peg Rosenlund $2000.00
'Joe and His Beloved' Camille Riggs  NFS
"Joe and His Beloved" Camille Riggs NFS
Images 1 to 18Images 19 to 23